So it’s June, and June means Pride! What better way to celebrate than bringing out a new range!? Being part of the LGBTQ community means this is a month we get to be loud and be proud (not that we aren’t usually hahaha!!); Just extra proud! However, it’s not just for this month; Surely as we move forward in the world we should ALL be proud of who we are; gay, straight, bi, trans… be proud of the amazing person you are!

The House of Raglan Equality range stems from our want to let everyone feel like they have a place in society, and a loving community around them. Our first tee is super simple – all born equal. A small but powerful message; we hope you feel proud to wear this tee and help to eliminate discrimination. Growing up in the modern world we do sometimes find it hard to understand why some can’t accept people for who they are! It’s not hard to be accepting! Underneath it all we are all no different. From sexuality, race, gender…eye colour we all breathe the same air and walk the same Earth.

Now we come to the colourful stuff! The Same Love Club tees! Using the Self Love Club tee idea, we just gave it alittle pride makeover (rainbows included of course!). The Same Love Club tees aim to bring together everyone from the LGBTQ community and show just how proud we are! As a community we have come a long way… but there is still a long way to go. We’d love to be able to eventually reach out to other countries where being LGBTQ is not quite so easy as here in the UK. Because everyone needs a little love in their life!

With our interest in raising awareness and funds for Mental Health charities our ultimate goal is to help members of the LGBTQ community with these items.
With social media and the way the world currently works we know there are platforms for this and we’d love to help in any way we can. As educators ourselves we understand the importance of starting the education of equality from a young age…education workshops are an idea we’re looking into…so watch this space!

Love and pride
House of Raglan

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