The Self Love Club is an important club…it’s not exclusive, it’s not members only, it’s open to all- we just ask you to give yourself all of those compliments you’ll freely give to other people! Over at House of Raglan we’re as guilty as any other person for looking at a celeb’s insta post and thinking “I wish I could pull that outfit off” or “wow…thems some great pins”. But we also know the need to look at ourselves and think they some great pins too!! If you can compliment other people to make them feel great why can’t you do that to yourself!!

The Self Love Club comes from within, it’s a cycle of wellbeing, it’s not just about eating right and exercising for an hour a day…what a boring life! It’s about doing what makes you happy but keeping your body happy too- it’s a fine line and a balance that we are learning all about. For us it was about changing the language we used on a day-to-day basis, so instead of saying “I wish I was thinner, I wish I was prettier”…we’ve realised that “I wish I was healthier/stronger” brings us much more happiness. Good health and self love encompasses physical, emotional and mental health- you can’t just have one! We set ourselves realistic goals, either daily, weekly or monthly. Even yearly! And then we celebrate when we reach them!! Life’s all about balance =]

Now some of you may have cottoned on from out snapz that we’re partial to a Tatt or too…..(Get it…!?) And to cement our dedication to the Self Love Club, Anna decided to get it tattooed on her arm… there is no greater reminder! It’s there day and night to say come on, you can do this, you are great, just believe in yourself.

So with this we are adding to our self love collection. There’ll be T-shirts, Hoodies, Jumpers, Mugs and even Posters for you to buy. You can literally surround yourself with as much Self Love as possible so you can always have a smile on your face!

Be sure to check out our Self Love Club collection and wear your garments with pride 😊


Love and positivity,

Anna and Sophie

X x x

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