Top 10 tips for Zero Waste Living

In 2019 it is our mission at House of Raglan to do what we can to live waste free…as much as we can! There are some really simple changes we have started to make and we’d like to share them with you.

  1. Ask for your drink with no straw! Did you know we use over 8.5 billion plastic straws just in the UK…each year!
  2. Swap from your shampoo bottles to a shampoo bar- we’ve tried a fair few! We always go back to the Lush seaweed and sea salt bar ( …but have go and make your own decision.
  3. Don’t leave the house without a reusable water bottle…you don’t need to go to the shop and buy a plastic bottle, just take your own reusable and ask for a refill in cafes!
  4. Ditch the cling film and use foil or even better tupperware. Tupperware is perfect for keeping your unused food fresh! We also love seeing 20 pieces of Tupperware in our fridge/freezer- keeps things nice and neat! (Sophie just loooooves to keep things ‘neat and tidy’!).
  5. Try to buy without packaging, we have tried to buy local produce such as fruit and veg in no packaging- Morrisons supermarket is brilliant for this, and we also support our local market when we can- asking for brown paper bags not plastic.
  6. Swap your plastic toothbrush for a bamboo toothbrush- same product, just compostable! We have used the Zebra Woo bamboo brushes- they’re awesome! (
  7. On the topic of teeth….we’ve ditched our normal plastic tube of toothpaste in favour of toothpaste in glass jars (reusable!). We’ve tried a few and the best so far is Truth paste- gives you the minty fresh feeling you want! (
  8. Over Christmas we had a lot of cardboard boxes delivered with goodies for our family members/friends…the cardboard we use as kindling in our log burner- it burns really well and stops us from buying kindling!
  9. Think second-hand before buying something new, whether it’s clothes or homewares, check your local charity shops first! They are a gold mine for one off pieces! Also…there are plenty of vintage finds- happy shopping 😊
  10. Remember to take your tote bag wherever you go and try to avoid plastic bags where possible. We’ve recently released an ethically made tote bag from our Self Love Club range- we take it everywhere! (

This list is not exhaustive….or by any means the only changes you could make! It’s just some of our little changes from the past year. We care about the environment here at House of Raglan and we want to make a difference. We aim to be #plasticfree by the end of 2019…here’s to a reusable, recyclable and reducing 2019 😊



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