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Welcome to House of Raglan; ethical, sustainable and full of Self Love!

At House of Raglan we create ethically sourced clothing, promoting positivity and funding charitable organisations. We support a green-as-possible lifestyle, are wannabe eco-warriors and like so many others dream of a zero-waste world. Please join House of Raglan on our journey by becoming part of the Self Love Club.

Anna DCJ & Sophie DCJ
Co-founders of House of Raglan

Partners in life and business we have lived and breathed House of Raglan for the past 3 years. It was during our most recent travel adventure that House of Raglan was born- a simple goal stemming from hours of discussion, debates and of course a copious amount of tea! Ambassadors for positive thinking and Self Love, we at House of Raglan have experienced personally and professionally the effect and impact of poor mental health. Working as educators with young individuals we understand how important charity work, professional and social support is. These experiences are what motivate and drive House of Raglan; your help and support mean the world to us, we are eternally grateful for the opportunity to help others, as we ourselves have been helped along the way.

Join the House of Raglan Worldwide community, inspire change though supporting charity and join the Self Love Club!

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